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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I realize today isn't the presidential election...
and I'm not in want of a heavy discussion about the unfairness of the whole political arena at large - BUT - it IS Super Tuesday and quite an important day in the lives of politicos who are trying to get to the White House. My point is I noticed that ABC was up to its old tricks again in announcing various east coast winners BEFORE the central and west polls had closed. I suspect that the other networks followed suit. It is extremely poor taste and poor judgment in my view. It's not that everyone was asea about who would be triumphant today. It isn't about one party over another. It's not about one candidate vs another. But it IS the principle of the matter in my view. Sheeple will root for the underdog but will in all likelihood vote for the top dog. It's damn unfair for the biased media to tilt the tables this way. The sheeple are too easily swayed. We cannot allow this form of aiding and abetting the top dog (or their dog of choice) to persist.