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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ask and ye shall receive?
In a previous post I mentioned that I think we need a presidential candidate who will upon inaugauration repeal executive orders 2039, 2040 and 12919 and dozens of others. Well Ron Robinson found one. They may be a little over the top or maybe just over optimistic BUT sorry Gary Nolan, I have to vote for these guys and campaign for them.

Ron Robinson writes..."Well, here ya go Jim…..

Wednesday, May 19, 2004



Tom Heneghan for President Of The united States of America
Stew Webb for Vice President Of The united States of America

April 2004 The Official Heneghan-Webb 2004 Presidential Platform

We shall sign an executive order eliminating all previous executive orders that are illegal and contrary to the tenets of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights control."

This is REALLY COOL! Because until this action is taken, all the courts in the country can continue to railroad and screw us over. Your due process will continue to be at the whim of the judge.

It's good that Larken Rose and so many others are spreading the word about the tax fraud occurring in this country because at the very least, we are making more and more people aware that something - anything is wrong! However, all the kings horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again!

Until we get to the root of the problems, it really doesn't matter in the end - even if you are absolutely right UNLESS we officially get our constitution back, common law back and cease to be enemies of the U.S. Government (see Trading with the Enemy Act 1918). And that my friends will take the repeals that Heneghan-Webb 2004 support.

Please take a GOOD look at what we could accomplish in ONE presidential term even if we only got repeals of executive orders 2039, 2040 and 12919 et al!