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Monday, October 30, 2006

Vote YES On Amendment E!

This past weekend, I and a few other Minnesotans traveled down to South Dakota, specifically Sioux Falls to help South Dakota Judicial Accountability (http://sdja.net) campaign for Amendment E (J.A.I.L. Amendment) which will amend the state constitution to provide much needed judicial accountability. Amendment E will be decided in this Nov 7th election.

SDJA sponsored the eye opening movie America: Freedom to Fascism. We took turns manning a table of Amendment E literature adjacent the theater entry and answered questions and corrected misunderstandings that the opposition has shamelessly invented and fed the people. For example: If Amendment E is passed, jurors could be sued by the felons they have convicted. Oh brother! What a crock! Jurors have never been without immunity. This fact won't change with or without Amendment E. But astonishingly, people actually believe this drivel! We hope we convinced a few more people and I think we did.

This historical amendment, if passed, will once and for all stop the acts of judges who cross the line into criminal activity or deny defendant rights, deny evidence that would hlep a defendant, stall trials and outcomes unnecessarily and fail to honor and act within their sworn oaths. South Dakota will become the poster child for judicial accountability and lead the way for the rest of us to pass similar measures in our own states.

Now for an earnest plea. South Dakota Judicial Accountability needs to make one last push on the TV through out South Dakota this week but they find themselves in dire need of funding. Unfortunately, it takes a pile of money to fight for what's right. My plea is that each reader will send a donation quickly (TODAY OR TUESDAY!) to help SDJA slam the door on the opposition. Please use your credit card and make a generous donation online at SDJA.Net OR mail check or money order to SDJA, PO Box 412, Tea, South Dakota 57064 Please make your donation TODAY!

This will be the first of many significant measures we need to see through in this country to start returning America to her rightful owners. That is why it is so important to support South Dakota Judicial Accountability right now. They are blazing the trail for ALL of us. That includes, you and me.