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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A timely quote..............

Here is a timely quote by Otto Skinner sent in by a reader. It is right down Ron Paul's political alley. Thanks to Dann for enlightening me on this one!

If any private American citizen really thinks he is subject to the quagmire of all the statutes, rules, regulations, forms and penalties of the Internal Revenue Code, he should just go to the fields, pick the cotton, let the [massa] have whatever percentage of his production the [massa] wants, fill out whatever forms the [massa] demands, provide the [massa] with whatever personal information the [massa] wants from him, and thank the [massa] for letting him keep a portion of what he has worked for.

But PLEASE...don't call that freedom !
[emphasis added]

Otto U. Skinner (1997)

If you believe as I do that today, you are not a free sovereign in America but rather a slave to the banks and government control in AMERIKA, the I surely hope you will support Ron Paul in his bid for president. He is the ONLY candidate in any party who wants to return our nation back to the Constitutional mandates of limited government and individual rights. God Bless Ron Paul.