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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Revolution Freedom Festival

This event is for all freedom loving Americans who know something is wrong and want to know what they can do about it and what others are doing about what's wrong in America. If you have wanted or needed to know why things are the way they are, if you need a great set of reasons and a boost to get motivated, get busy and active, this event will surely provide it! We are going to rev things up, rally together and make things happen! Of course we are going to have a ton of fun and entertainment too!

I hope to see everyone out at the Revolution Freedom Festival between July 2 and July 6 in Sturgis, South Dakota. Click on the link above and take a good look at all of the speakers who will be in attendance - including Ron Paul, Jim Babka, president of DownsizeDC.Org, a leading Libertarian Mary Ruwart, noted pastor, radio show host, activist and presidential candidate, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, tax attorney Michael Minns, activist and freedom advocate Bill Stegmeier and the infamous freedom-fighting, researcher and investigator, Red Beckman to name just a scant few! This is truly going to be one of those "chance of a lifetime" events for freedom seeking people.

For those who do not want to camp out, there are still a few motel rooms in the near vicinity like Super 8, Motel 6, etc still available with decent rates.

Anyone planning to attend who wishes to connect with me out there you can get my phone number here on my blog.

By the way, many have asked me if this is the infamous Bike Rally in Sturgis?
ANSWER: No it is not - the Revolution Freedom Festival is unique and independent of the motorcycle rally in Sturgis which is held in August every year.

Yours in freedom,
Jim Paulson
Minnesota state

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