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Monday, October 27, 2003

What 'is' entertainment?
While out in Las Vegas last week, I was reading an article in the Las Vegas Sun about their 10% entertainment tax. It seems there is some confusion as to what exactly entertainment 'is' and therefore what is taxable as entertainment and what is exempt. For God's sake doesn't this have a familiar ring to it? Then Sunday I was reading in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the Senate passing their pay raise and seemingly with no apologies. We can burn in hell trying to pay our expenses and taxes - having to settle for what we earn with no raises in down economic times and these elected thieves continue to live the high life on our dime. Well aint that special?

With few exceptions (i.e. Rep. Ron Paul R-Texas et al) when the newness of the office wears off, they are all self centered, have their self agendums and will cut most any deal among themselves if it will further their individual scams upon their constituents. The deal is just too damn good not to want to come back to it.

I often wonder just how good we are getting the tax freedom message out. If we are truly gaining in strength and numbers. I know that We The People seems to be inching forward. But I mean, are we as individuals, actively seeking out people who are in the shadow of this behemoth tax myth? Are we constantly proactive in our own cases with the IRS or local taxing bodies and not hiding in a closet until the boogie man comes and finds us along with our money? Are we constantly trying to educate our fellow Americans about the our loss of freedom and the extortion of the IRS? Are we at least trying to pique others' interest and showing them how and where to research for the truth?

The only way this simple man can see a way out of the mess we're all in is: Help gather up the masses. Speak the truth before them. March on our state capitols and federal capitol and demand significant change or else! Then bear arms if necessary. And most of all don't give up and live free or die. BUT! There is no time for whining! We MUST stay focused and be actively teaching and talking about tax freedom for it to become a reality - as I see it

You all let me know what you think because I could be fuill of shit.