War Against Federal Tyranny And The Misapplication of Income Tax

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Now the bastards CAN drop dead!
I just finished watching Theft By Deception by Larken Rose. I've been studying the U.S. Constitution, Title 26 of the US Code (IRS Code), Code of Federal Regulations, Privacy Act and more since 1996. I think I've seen and/or read about every argument against the IRS Code and federal jurisdiction that there is. And even all of the lamer arguments that circulate. But I truly think that Larken Rose has done a phenomenal job of arguing the Section 861 issue. And even if there is a jurisdictional argument to be made (i.e. the description of the "United States" and "State" within Title 26 of the USCode and the U.S. Constitution) and it is applied to the 861 argument, most of us still don't owe a federal income tax!

No one has EVER brought the entire federal income tax sham to light more than two men in my opinion. Irwin Schiff and Larken Rose. Even though these two tax code scholars don't necessarily agree with each other they ultimately end up in the same place.

The IRS Code, has always shown and still does (although it is very deceptively now) show that for most Americans their federal income tax liability is ZERO. Regardless of the railroading some of our fellow patriots have been subjected to the requirement to pay income tax for most Americans income is still NADA, ZILCH, NONE.

If you haven't witnessed Theft By Deception by Larken Rose I urge you to do so ASAP! Then share it with your friends and neighbors! It's a little long but if you can get yourself, your friends and family to stick with it, everyone will learn a great deal about the limited liability created by the federal income tax code. In fact, I dare say you will be far smarter on the subject than most CPAs, attorneys, judges and IRS employees.