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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Rush Limbaugh Falls From On "High"
It is really a shame that Rush is getting such an ass kicking for being found to be dependent on prescription or other drugs. I know he is a celebrity, very outspoken and even pompous I understand at least in part a person's desire to attack him more than ever now that his addiction secret is out of the bag. Perhaps sometimes we feel better when we jump in other peoples shit and give them a piece of our minds. I know there are times that I do. Rush was caught with his fingers in the pharmacy so to speak. Now, it appears to be his time to be cut to ribbons. Why? Because he spoke to the drug war issue and how important he thought it was?

Here's the deal. I won't make excuses for him or anyone who uses. Rarely is it found that someone was forced into 'using'. It's a decision each person makes (for his/her own set of reasons) whether to use drugs, alcohol, food, sweets, whatever to escape for awhile from misguided emotions, pain, dishonesty with ourselves and others, etc - or not. I trust that those of us who have experienced addicton and dependency matters understand where Rush is right now and are empathetic. At least I hope we are!

Whether I'm a fan of his or not, I wish him well. Whether his name is Rush Limbaugh or John Doe (generally unknown person), I pray for his sustained recovery because I know first hand how vicious these addictions can be. I know what it's like when recreational use turns to necessity and slavery. He's still a fellow human and deserves to be free of the chains of addiction as much as anyone! Now through rehab, he has a chance to be free of those ugly, heavy chains. Good luck Rush and God bless you and yours.

Now having said all that and meaning it with absolute sincerity, Rush, I hope now you can see how feudal the drug war really is. How futile it is for government to try to overcome human desire. Heck, government at all levels is spending billions to stop it all but here is the simplest of facts. (A) Drug or any other kind of addiction, does NOT care who you are! (B) You will not be privy to any special treatment by your addiction just because you're poor and unknown, rich and famous. (C) The government will NEVER be able to stop humans from being humans! If a human wants to get high, if he wants to smoke, if he wants sex, if he wants spend his money on chance, he will find a way, he will find the substance, the game he wants one way or the other. Whether you like it or not! Another words, the govt should stop wasting our $$$ on the drug 'war' and other 'wars'! It WILL NOT WORK! Only those with grand delusions can REALLY believe that we or any other people are winning the drug war. Deep down they must know the truth. (D) If the government wants to be as effective as possible and not fall for knee jerk emotional legislation, they ought to carefully monitor the production of drugs, prostitution, gambling just like alcohol and tobacco, tax the hell out of all of them, set up rehabs and recovery systems with some of the revenues and make NO excuses for and punish heavily, crimes committed while under any of these influences. (E) NO ONE, NO GOVERNMENT, NO PEOPLE will EVER stop drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex for hire. PERIOD! Or it would have happened by some people, some society, some government, some nation somewhere on Earth by now. Until 'they' find a way to stop us from being the humans we are, it will remain this way ad infinitum.