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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Much Ado About Nothing.......Literally!
I picked up the USA Today early yesterday morning and did my usual cup of coffee and read through. Soon, I run into this 2/3 page color advertisement. The more I look, the more I read it, the more befuddled I become.

It's posted by the U.S. Dept of Treasury, Federal Reserve and Bureau of Engraving complete with each of their official seals and it's touting the new $20 bill and all of the advancements that they've incorporated into it. Actually, it was more like a crowing child looking for your acceptance. If it were from a wanting child, I would have cheerfully accepted it and praised it generously. But this "how great we art" hokum is from three government offices and about made me sick. Now the expensive ad in the USA Today was bad enough. Then last evening I was watching the U of M Gophers give away their win to Michigan in the 4th quarter when I saw some more ads about the new $20 bill - on national TV! Now I'm asking myself "What the hell? It's a new dollar bill, a federal reserve note, big damn deal!" How many of us really care UNLESS the gov wants to tell us if there are underlying reasons to have the new and the old $20 in circulation simultaneously. Hmmm, and just what the reasons are? Oh, there I go again, thinking that there may be something more sinister or meaningful to an action that the government takes that to others may appear so utterly simple. I mean after all, I did find one thing through all of the fluff that is totally accurate. They said that the new $20 bill and the old $20 bill both have the same value! Which to anyone who knows anything about a fiat money system, knows that means these $20 bills are worth... well they should be worth ... well they could be worth... actually they may be worth the 7 cent cost of producing it. It's up to the king to decide today's value.