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Saturday, March 13, 2004

I finally convinced a good friend
of mine to take a stab at reading some of our blogs including mine of course. I was pretty excited thinking that I was going to be able to recruit a well connected guy into our camp....but....I was in for an awakening!

You see after flipping through my blog and several links to some of you all, he emailed me and wrote, "Have you guys lost your minds or do you just enjoy ranting, raving and bickering with each other? What kind of message do you all think you are bringing to the general public? Who the hell wants to hear a bunch of folks ranting and raving as opposed to reading or learning something worthwhile? At least let them know that these blogs are just bitch sessions if that's what you want to use them for."

Good point? I think it is. I know we all have our moments of high and low emotions but it DOES make sense to keep it out of these blogs and stay on point, make our point that of uncovering the fraud and bringing the light of truth. Or, maybe we should place a disclaimer that says something like "Bitching may happen here - reader discretion is advised".

I made this point some time ago that we must band together, research, promote, talk, teach as a group. Now more than ever. That we need to put forth our energies and resources into the Simkanin and other cases. A solid band of truthsayers and supporters.

I don't know but that's my take. I can write angry letters or rant into a tape recorder at will but I am going to clean up on my rants and try to bring forth something of use, food for thought, useful research and the sort for us and others on this blog. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts.