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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A few words about Larken Rose

I am not amazed or amused by the charges brought against Larken Rose. I don't know Larken Rose personally so I couldn't and wouldn't say for sure whether the charges are true or not.

Now I know some will just say I am overly suspicious or neurotic or paranoid but please tell me that I'm not the only one that thinks there may be something fishy going on here.

Here is a government that is madder than hell at a man who is sticking the tax code in their face and saying if I'm wrong, prosecute me. If I'm wrong, then show me the law. In fact, as we all know, he helped develop a video and mini CD on the subject.

After the government could take no more, they raided his house, stole his records, computers, etc. I guess in the name of stifling his "illegal tax strategy information business." Oops, there went the First & Fourth Amendments again.

When that didn't shut him up and stop his activities, they suddenly find some illegal porn on his computer. You gotta be kidding me! They found porn on a computer they confiscated from his house?

Now I'm passing NO judgment in Larken Rose's case. Maybe the charges really are true - then again, maybe they're not. I don't know. But it sure seems damn funny to me that this stuff was allegedly found on his computer - and not even right away - but later and of course AFTER it was out of his possession and in the hands of a government that is already fit to be tied with him. After their attempts to shut him up and cease and desist failed.

Hmmmmm. Well, seems perfectly OK to me I guess in this Amerika that I have come to know. It DID shut him up for awhile though since no one accused of such a crime should talk about it until after his day in court. By the way, let's hear it for the friendlier IRS.