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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pray For The British Citizens Now

Oh God, has it happened again? But this time to the Brits? What do I mean? I mean the Helgelian Principle. I mean Action, Reaction and Solution. Check out the link.

I mean to say that I believe that the events of 9-11 was an act created to get a desired reaction - FEAR - so that (A) the "War on Terror" could be initated and (B) constitution-throttling legislation could be passed where it would have been virtually impossible before. Legislation that serves to extinguish the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and 14th amendments to the Constitution with the blessing of the politicians. No debate and little argument from Congress or the scared and tragically misinformed American population! And it is deviously entitled The Patriot Act.

Remember Bush saying "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists"? And then he slipped the executive branch version (not Congress' version) of the Patriot Act into Congress and told its members that to not sign it would be unpatriotic! That he would do whatever it took to see that they didn't get reelected if they didn't. They didn't even have a chance to read it and took no time trying to - they just signed it!

Minnesota senator, Norm Coleman emailed me his thoughts about the Patriot Act after I emailed him my thoughts on it. I won't bemoan the damned ugly details of his comments to me except to say that it just amazes me how deaf, dumb and blind these "poor" bastards are. Or, perhaps, they too are unscrupulous like our president (as I believe history will bear out).

And now, this tragic, senseless act Thursday in London. Scores of average folks killed, hundreds wounded and for what? I believe history will show one day that this was a cruel act to create a reaction of FEAR and soon the British citizens will have something taken from them in the name of fighting the "War on Terror" and "protecting" the British population. Perhaps something similar to the Americans' loses under the Patriot Act and whatever additional Hegelian type acts take place in the future on our soil.

If I'm wrong, well then, why hasn't some terrorist group claimed responsibility. That is generally the accepted Modus Operandi isn't it? Can we agree that most terrorist groups WANT you to know who they are and what they are capable of when they strike? Otherwise, what's the point of it? But no, there was no call after 9-11 - no direct responsibility was claimed - only accusations and conjecture by "trusted" politicians - the ones, I believe, who have the most to gain from it one day. I believe that this act in London will turn out the same results - no responsibility taken only Blair's railing against al Qaida. And the Brits, though wiser than the average American in a lot of ways will still buy Blair's conjecture as well.

By now some may be saying to themselves, "What the hell is old JP talking about NOW?" and "Why is the 'War on Terror' so important?" Well let me throw a couple of things your way and you can connect the dots. If not, send me an email and I will take it further.

William Rodriguez

No steel constructed high rise building has ever collapsed because of heat from fire

Skull and Bones

New World Order

Carlyle Group = War Profits

Halliburton (and its political ties)

Bilderberger, Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Freemason

Now hopefully after some observation and reading, the pieces are starting to fall into place for you. You see, I believe that this is much more sinister than just some random terrorists, well organized or not, who wrested control of four airplanes with box knives (oh puhleeeeze! Not on any plane I'm on!) and beat up this nation with a grizzly and costly act which outcome led to a great loss of human life. I mean, isn't it interesting how the FBI has repeatedly said that they just missed it, they had no real idea of such an act coming....but I'll be damned within a few days of the tragic event, by God, they knew exactly who each and every member of the alleged hijacking bunch were. I say again, "Oh puhleeze!"

But then, that's just my opinion. And if the two catastrophic events of 9/11/01 and 7/8/05 are NOT the Hegelian events that I believe they are, I will gladly take all of the "I told you so!"s that you can throw at me.

God Bless the British and God Bless "We The People" Americans.