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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The American Hostages in Iraq

On July 4th, we announced a press conference with the families of the four Americans and one Austrian held hostage serving in Iraq as private contract security forces -- to be held at noon today in Richfield, Minnesota. It went off as planned.

An important point needs to be made is this press conference: Today, all major local news outlets were present. The varied list of senators and representatives and Governor Pawlenty were contacted about this press conference well in advance and further, they were given an opportunity to talk with the families before the news conference in private.

So what is the problem?

Not one elected official showed up or spoke up. Not one!

What possible conclusions can we draw from this non-showing? Well, let's see.

  • They are just too busy to talk to constituents who are suffering over this serious circumstance?
  • They don't care about their constituents so no need to call, write or show up?
  • There wasn't enough money in their budget to afford fuel to the press conference?
  • They can't show up when they are not in session?
  • They don't work or travel on Saturdays?
  • Not all of them know where Minnesota is?
  • They have been instructed not to talk about this case in public or to the families?

Whatever conclusion you choose, you have to admit that this is a very poor performance of these elected officials in question. No matter your political or other affiliation, it would seem that a total nonresponse by elected officials when constituents lives are on the line is a blatant irresponsibility of an almost unforgivable magnitude. Whether during a "war" or not, whether military personnel or not, whether it is a previously well published storyline or not.

Of one thing I am sure. The families of these hostages will get their say when this dire situation is resolved.