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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Supporting a Champion of The Constitution

Around 11AM on Saturday, June 30th, people started gathering in a parking lot across from the Hy Vee Convention Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

The reason? It seems that there was a groundswell of support for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul who had earlier been excluded from a forum there for the Republican presidential candidates. The forum was sponsored by the Iowans for Tax Relief and a Christian organization.

As it turned out, Ron Paul supporters outnumbered all of the supporters and forum goers by about a two to one margin! Out of the nine candidates invited, six showed up and drew about 600 people. Ron Paul set up a room right next to where the forum was being held and started his activities right after the forum had ended. The result was a crowd of about 1,000 - 1,200 people to hear Ron Paul who spoke for about 70 minutes.

This was the second time already that either the Republican Party or other group tried to keep Ron Paul from participating in a debate! What are they so afraid of? That Ron Paul will tell the truth? That Ron Paul wholly supports the Constitution? That Ron Paul wants us out of Iraq? That he wants to end the IRS and the income tax?

If you haven't checked Ron Paul out, you can do so at Ron Paul 2008. He is the hope to save America from destruction, from war, from the North American Union! Ron Paul is our hope to restore America to its constitutional limits, to restore freedom and liberty for all.

Some of the Minnesota supporters of Ron Paul Saturday in Des Moines