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Sunday, September 02, 2007

When Your Supporters Can't Vote - You Can't Win Can You?

The GOP doesn't allow paper balloting in their straw polls around the nation. They would have us believe that the electronic voting machines are totally flawless and accurate.

However, the Texas GOP takes this potential vote rigging to a different, lower, basement level of despicable, disingenuous behavior. They just refuse to let some candidates' supporters vote!

It's no secret that the GOP all across the nation, has tremendous disdain for Ron Paul because of his true conservative message. Note other various attempts to keep him out of forums, debates, to quell his message of freedom and personal liberty at every corner. However, the whole world is catching on to Ron Paul's message! People around the world have been for some time and now for all time, it will be impossible to get Ron Paul's message and his worldwide supporters back into the box and under submission.

Hey Fred, who ya gonna call? ---- RON PAUL!