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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Iowa GOP Won't Allow a Privately Funded Manual Validation of Diebold Computers

The Iowa GOP wants to charge the Ron Paul campaign $184,000 if they want a verifiable paper count of the Iowa Straw Poll this Saturday in Ames, Iowa! Otherwise, hey, just trust the Diebold electronic voting apparatus that has proven to be oh-so reliable in "elections" in the recent past. The same machines that programmers have testified in Congress that they are easily manipulated to foster the results someone may be looking for to win. (i.e. Bush in 2000? or South Dakota Amendment E [Judicial Accountability Initiative] in 2006?)

Click on the links below, read the two short articles, then call the Iowa GOP and tell them that Ron Paul should not be extorted of large sums of money just to get fair voting results nor anyone else!



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