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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

La Raza: "Wave of Hate" Nixed Amnesty Bill

La Raza claimed that a "Wave of Hate" in America caused the last amnesty bill to fail in the Senate. Interesting claim coming from a racist group involved in racist activities. After all, La Raza means The Race.

What seems to be missing in this "wave" of dialogue by these latino demagogues is the fact that the American public stood up to be counted. A heavy American grassroots effort made it clear to Congress that we would not accept amnesty in any form and that is what nixed the amnesty bill. Frankly, I think the American People made it quite clear that we are sick of being told that we have to give our country away to someone else! Anyone else!

What we must do now is make sure that a cagey Congress (Ted Kennedy, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, et al) doesn't try to bury amnesty or features of amnesty or aid to ILLEGAL aliens in some new bill in the future. We must keep our eyes peeled and our ear to the ground for any signs or whispers of new attempts to pull a fast one on us which, by the way, they're getting oh-so good at!

    At any rate, La Raza's claim of "hate" is true, here's why:

  • We HATE that the media and press conveniently forget to call ILLEGAL immigration by ILLEGAL aliens what it is -- ILLEGAL immigration by ILLEGAL aliens.

  • We HATE that some in Congress conveniently forget to call ILLEGAL immigration by ILLEGAL aliens what it is -- instead of referring to these criminals as simply undocumented workers.

  • We HATE that our borders are as porous today as they were before 9/11.

  • We HATE that some people have the audacity to break our laws as their very first act upon arriving here.

  • We HATE that some coming over the southern border (illegally) also bring illicit drugs into our country.

  • We HATE that millions of illegal aliens are taking millions of jobs away from Americans and

  • We HATE that George Bush claims that the ILLEGAL aliens and "guest" workers do jobs that Americans won't do. Factually, that is 100% bull. And worse, he knows it!

  • We HATE the fact that while the ILLEGAL immigrants are taking American jobs away from Americans, they are driving down wages overall in our marketplace.

  • We HATE that because of our cake walk border control system, our Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed with little to know support from Bush or Congress.

  • We HATE that our Border Patrol agents could be so brazenly prosecuted by an overzealous U.S. attorney after offering an illegal alien smuggling drugs into America absolute immunity for his testimony (honorable testimony too, no doubt).

  • We HATE the fact that after this travesty against two border patrol agents, they were sentenced to extraordinarily long prison sentences.

  • We HATE that to date, Bush has commuted Scooter Libby's sentence but will not touch convicted border patrol agents Ramos and Compean's ridiculous sentences.

  • We HATE that people who are NOT citizens and may be ILLEGAL aliens are telling us, the Americans, the true sovereigns, how to conduct the business of our country.

  • We HATE that the power elite is trying to finish the creation of the North American Union (NAU) through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and NAFTA (one of the sickest excuses for a trade agreement this nation has ever been subjected to) that will erase the northern and southern borders of the United States of America!

  • We HATE the fact that something is seriously wrong with the events of 9/11 and the events that followed because anyone with any sense would make sealing and securing the borders and ports of this nation a top priority IF we truly believed we were under attack. Instead we attack Afghanistan and Iraq and leave the borders as porous as before!

  • We HATE being called racists by racists who, like plenty of other groups in America, feel we all owe them something when, in fact, we absolutely DO NOT!

  • We HATE that some people and groups demand our respect but fail to show us any mutual respect in return. You reap what you sow!

  • We HATE that the sovereignty of our country and the God given freedoms belonging to our Citizenry are under constant attack now by the power elite who are working toward world communism and ILLEGAL immigration is just one of the attacks they are using on us!

I guess maybe La Raza is right! There is a "Wave of Hate". Now would this be considered "hate" speech?