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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Twin Cities Freeway Bridge Collapses - No Evidence of Terrorism - DHS Stay Away!

A bridge on a major freeway spanning the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed yesterday evening at about 6:05PM during rush hour traffic. Many cars and trucks were involved and several landing in the river as they traveled through a construction zone on the bridge at around 10mph.

Contractors for the state were in the midst of repairing the bridge deck on the 40 year old, 1900 foot long bridge but officials have said that, though too early to be absolutely sure, the deck work should not have affected the structure of the bridge nor led to its collapse.

Witnesses stated that the bridge, 64 feet over the surface of the Mississippi River started to shake, make loud thunderous sounds and then suddenly started to collapse and fall into the river.

As can be imagined there were scores injured and a few known deaths after this incident. The total injury and fatality list is not yet available but officials have said that as of last night, their efforts had turned from rescue to recovery. Many are presumed to have drowned and perhaps never got out of their cars after they fell into the river.

It is also believed that there was no terrorist activities involved in this tragedy but rather a worn, weakened steel super structure that didn't get repaired soon enough. Previous inspection reports show that there was evidence of stress cracks and fatigue within the structure.

U.S. Senator Norm Coleman said this morning in an interview that the federal government will provide $5 million immediately and $100 million over the next 90 days. After which additional needed funds will be provided at a 90% 10% ratio.

With all this in mind, I believe the Dept of Homeland Security can take a sigh of relief and go back to doing what they do best -- er, um, border security? This case has all the makings of a bridge structure left unattended a little too long and not an act of terrorism.

May God bless the victims and give comfort to their loved ones in this time of tragedy.