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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Fair Tax? Can you sing "Oh Canada"?!

Fair Tax? Can you sing "Oh Canada!"?
I have to agree with Doug Kenline's view of the "Fair" tax. C'mon Doug, Allen, Candie (What a quartet!), let's sing! All together now "Oh Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command." C'mon everyone join in!

Oh sure, the "Fair" tax will clean up a totally fragmented tax system - at least for awhile, paperwork will be minimal at best, the IRS as we know it will be gone. But something really bugs me about this "New Deal" and I just have to ask: Have the supporters of this tax lost their minds? Have they been in another country or on another planet for awhile? Or have they just spent their entire adult life on a beach with their heads in the sand? Or are they just socialists or communists?

I have one huge problem with this tax and I see one pitfall to it. First, I don't want to let the DC bastards, the "Fed", the DOJ, DOTr and any criminal U.S. attorneys and assorted crooked judges off the hook THAT easy! They have attempted to pummel us into the dirt for decades now and many have suffered heavy losses financially, emotionally, spiritually and some even their lives. Now we want to give these slime balls a chance to say "Oops, we made a mistake, here is a softer easier way to rape you" ? I say no way! Let them squirm like we've had to do all these years. I know that sounds vindictive but it's time someone else feels our pain and who better to do it then those that have made us suffer in such an uconscienable way for so long. And don't forget to write their suffering into the congressional records and history books. Like Doug alludes to - will their be amnesty for those who fell victim to the criminal government?

The basic but deep pitfall for you "Fair" tax supporters is this. Let me type this - reeeaaal slowwwly in case you can't read very fast! Have you ever seen a local sales tax start out at say 3% and the next thing you know your favorite legislators have it up to 7%? Are any of you witness to property taxes that increase with the regularity of an avid Metamucil user? Have you heard of the latest ploy by the Capitol Hill gang called the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) which in about 10 years, if allowed to continue, is going to bilk millions more average Americans out even more billions each year?

Look even if it takes an act of God and a 2/3 majority of both houses to increase this "Fair" tax some day, I have full faith in our federal legislators. They will pull a fast one somehow on the vote totals, tell you about a vision that God sent all of them in full session simultaneously one day and your 23% tax is now 30%! Amen.

I believe we should abolish the IRS and the tax code in it's entirety. Let the money men and our dear six-figure DC boys figure out how and where to cut the government down to size. To it's rightful constitutional size! No more handouts to any American, any corporation or any other country! No taxes coming out of your pay check either. Unload the corporate taxes so that they can expand and hire more people. As for our "Fair" tax supporters - if they're feeling chipper one day and have a flush wallet, I'm sure donations of all sizes will be cheerfully accepted at all charities everywhere. Even at your city hall, state capitol and in Washington, D.C. Will that be cash, check or credit card?

God Bless Gene Chapman's Tax Freedom March - he truly gets it!