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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Alabamans Win Over Taxing Tyrant But Now...
(sniff, sniff) comes the unconscienable, intolerable, inaccurate drivel from the losing politician.

How sad it is that from America's smallest town councils right up to our capitol hill spendthrifts - upon losing on a tax hike deal that the postgame rhetoric for our government officials is all about the same threats. "...well you know since we couldn't pass this tax bill, the people of (pick a location) will have to do with less police and fire services and maybe less garbage removal too. And of course we'll have to cut welfare benefits as well." HOW DARE THEY!

First, how stupid do they think we are? Hmm, well looking at the number of sheeple, let's skip past this one for now. Second how dare they cut public services but none of their own little cash cows like per diem pay, government car fleets to drive who knows where, cutbacks in every conceivable holiday, excess staff/aides, stuffed operating budgets.

As a matter of fact, how about destaffing something like the dept of motor vehicles and reducing the requirements to license etc. to commercial vehicles only! (There is plenty of U.S. Supreme court and other state court case law to back up the fact that personal driver's licenses and vehicle licenses are not required anyway. Travel falls under your right to "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Specifically liberty - according to the courts. Only by color of law is the requirement to license personal driving and private vehicles possible. Few of us fight for THIS freedom, however.)

How about reducing any new government buildings built to plain old cinder block construction with a decent paint job and standardized desks, work cubes, lighting, etc. I don't see the humor or use in spending tens of millions or more per building for "look good" design. Will a government office or service building not function if it doesn't have scads of tax dollars in fanciness, fluff and gadgets? - Still wanting a government job?

You see now you'd be talking some common sense and real cost savings measures besides, in my humble opinion. And with the change in departments like the DMV, we'd see less government and more freedom for "we the people".

Attention: All loser politicians with your false rhetoric and condescending manner: Please stop p_ssing in our oatmeal! We've had enough of your bull! How about getting on with some real work "for the people" so we don't have to replace your lameness in the next election or recall!