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Monday, September 08, 2003

Dubya Speaks About That Darn Axis of Evil Again
Did you happen to catch the President's speech last night? If not, don't feel bad, it doesn't sound like very many of your fellow American's tuned in. It was dull with the subject matter as expected.
What I got out of it: (1) By God (or by Bush) we ARE going to continue to spend tens of billions of dollars on the war on terror and against the "axis of evil" no matter what YOU think. (2) Bush will ask Congress for $87 billion here shortly. From the Congressional response that I've seen so far, they will vote to approve this expenditure no matter what YOU think. It will be harder for the Dems to rail against supporting Bush in this money matter/war effort effectively now that Bush has brought it to "the people". (3) Colin Powell is being directed to go out and seek willing countries through the U.N. (preferably) for help in rebuilding Iraq and for funds to help offset the U.S.'s expenditures - as any loan shark would do when he wants to call in a marker. I doubt it will be an easy task finding willing participants (France, Germany, China especially) to help the U.S. out in "the war" unless it's done their way. (4) Don't expect much $$$ support from our supposed allies aside from those that are already participating in "the war". (5) Do expect a whole lot of the usual carping and wrangling from the usual U.N. pains in the a__.

I often wonder if it's possible that in our future, we will do like Switzerland has for decades and stay out of everyone else's business thereby avoid most conflict. Including the incredible amount of cash we give away to countries all over the world annually. The money that ultimately gets us into trouble later on when we try hold our "gifts" over a country's head unless they do/act as we want them to. Hey! Let's put that money in to protecting our country, sealing our leaky borders and promoting legitimate world trade practices instead.