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Friday, September 05, 2003

Whose Welfare is it Anyway?
I'm not big on government sponsored welfare of any kind and never have been. And the perversity of the government money shell game shown in this article in WND today is another reason why. Take a peek at it.

It has to do with the reimportation of prescription drugs. What? You mean the drugs were here once, were exported, now if we want them back here it's illegal to do so? Yep. But you can go down to your local Walgreen's and get the exact same drug made by the exact same American manufacturer at 5-10 times more than it would cost you to buy the "reimported" drugs! And a Medicare prescription drug benefit will pay for the higher priced drug but not the same drug at a lower price. Fair enough? Come on! What do you mean "No!"

We all know that "the general welfare" is one of the things the U.S. government should be vigilant to as mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Now I'm no scholar as you've probably noticed. And I don't necessarily have a healthy grip on the English language either. So I could use some input to this multiple choice question that came to mind after I read this article as it pertains to "the general welfare". Does "the general welfare" mean: (A) the general welfare "of the people" (B) the general welfare of the corporate world (C) the general welfare of our elected congress via nest feathering and concluded (or is it "colluded")campaign promises to special interests (D) All of the above (E) Some of the above (F) None of the above?

Seriously, if enough of us continue to spread the word to the general population about these absolute abuses and the abomination of our Constitution by those who live off of our dime, we can overcome this putrification and look to the purification of our federal government.