War Against Federal Tyranny And The Misapplication of Income Tax

We The People, fighting to return America to rule of law under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. "...That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..." --- Declaration of Independence "Tell me when did liberty ever exist when the sword and the purse were given up?" --Patrick Henry

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Goodyears Make It Easy!

The Goodyears Make It Easy!

As I'm struggling to get on with less about Moore [more or less] I stumbled upon David Goodyear's Montgomery summary. He's made it very easy for me! I agree with it and see nothing that needs any clarification. Thanks David!

A hardy welcome to the newest member of the Goodyear family blogger Cherie Goodyear!

I've been wondering the past few days about Gene Chapman's state of mind. Between the fasting and all of the other balls he's trying to juggle maybe it's taking a toll on him. From the outside looking in, his sense of direction and purpose seems a bit blurry at the moment as compared to the clarity of purpose I've seen him exhibit. Cherie Goodyear senses what I'm sensing too. This is probably one of those temporary conflicts that happens between the spiritual, mental and physical self that we all endure. I hope Gene can get refocused and reprioritized. I trust God will steer him as His will for Gene dictates. Gene is a very important catalyst in the cause(s) for freedom. I pray for his safety, health and continued contributions to the human race.

EVERY human gets his/her share of tests in this life. Everyone has crosses to bear. And for those of us involved in the tax and freedom movement, each with our own little battles, in our own way, the need to be strong is constant and has never been greater! I believe we each need to carry our own share of these burdens as well as stand tall, side by side, gather ever larger numbers, push on and fight together for the common good until we win the War Against Federal Tyranny! That's my humble take on things today and I'm sticking with it.