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Saturday, August 23, 2003

My Two Cents Worth On The Ten Commandments

My Two Cents Worth On The Ten Commandments

OK, I think I've read enough blogs on the Ten Commandments and the Alabama Supreme Court. I've considered both sides of the debate and it's time for me to blog on same.

I am neither an expert on constitutional matters nor very religious. Spiritual but not that religious. But I can't see what all the fuss is about, Allen. Just because there is a piece of rock with very good ideas (my opinion) carved in it which just so happen to be Christian based doesn't mean it is indicative of this or any court shoving the Christian faith down anyone's throat nor does it mean that any justice being applied therein is going to prejudiced. Nowhere on this rock will you find Christ(ian) nor, if you read it, will you be then commanded to bow before it in reverence.

What it does do - for me at least is remind me that this country and the "sacred" instrument guaranteeing our democratic republic - the U.S. Constitution - IS steeped in Christian belief and of the Christians who indeed settled here and gave their lives so that YOU and ME could live here as a "freeman" (per Ben Franklin).

Whether we 200+ years later like it or not, this country was founded on Christian beliefs and faith. Period. Personally, I think we need a kick in the spiritual pants in this country in a big way. There is very little moral fiber of any kind left it seems. Just suffer through the news for a night. And I don't quite understand the theory that we must now allow all other religions and beliefs equal space in this or any other court. How many other religions were represented in the founding of this country and the fight to secure it?

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution when read correctly prohibits Congress from passing any law establishing a [national] religion and establishes your right to freedom of religion. This rock in no way impairs that right in my view. The Tenth Amendment is clear that if it aint listed in the U.S. Constitution somewhere that the feds can be involved in a matter or function then it's left up to the states and the people. I'm not at all convinced that by a little act of usurpation, the feds haven't overstepped their bounds here and that "they" should refer back to the First and Tenth Amendments. I just fail to see how this carved rock is somehow undoing anyone's "religious" or other rights or freedoms. It is, however, displaying our heritage and tradition.

It seems to me that the people of Alabama should have the last say by way of a special election, impeachment of Judge Moore or whatever lawful way they choose to handle this matter. The rest of us in the other 49 states and D.C. should be staying out of the way - except that we can express our opinions about it. (Refer back to the First Amendment). Isn't the Constitution a marvelous thing! Unless a specific constitutional right is being denied someone here, the feds should stay out of it, the Alabamans should decide and the republican form of government we are all guaranteed can prevail. Don't like the outcome, don't live in Alabama I guess. God Bless Judge Moore for having certain big body parts to stand up for our American tradition and recognizing that tradition within the Constitution. Now as I see it, the Alabaman majority can act on it and the feds should go back to D.C. and stay there for a change.