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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Follow up on Ten Commandments
I, like David Goodyear, will just have to disagree with the folks like Allen Hacker on the Ten Commandments and the Alabama Supreme Court. But hey, that's OK! That's what makes America great! We can disagree with the government and speak out without going to jail (at least not yet). We can agree to disagree and still shake hands and be friends. Ahhhh civility... You can put the gun down this time David, Allen is an OK guy! Now if we were dealing directly with the rudeness and hypocrisy of Sean Hannity, it might be worth a brief pistol whipping.

Oh stop it! I'm just kidding! Mr Hannity can express his thoughts and beliefs just like any other American. But I for one won't be watching or listening just like I would ignore the big troubled rock in Alabama if I didn't like what it stood for.