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Sunday, December 21, 2003

I just finished
writing a letter of support to Dick Simkanin and a letter to Judge McBryde - (below). If any of you have been putting this off, I pray that you will find a moment to write Dick Simkanin in support of him and a letter letting Judge McBryde know that we are watching his every move in this case.

I stated here about a month ago that I thought that the absolute focus and support of Dick Simkanin and Joe Banister NOW were of the utmost importance. If we help these two men be successful in their hearings (cases) we will, as a group, have set a precedent and hit an absolute milestone in the tax freedom movement.

Please send your support - financial, spiritual - to Dick Simkanin today!

Richard Simkanin
REG# 30383-177
FMC Jail Unit
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, Texas
Postal Code 76119

McBryde Letter

December 21, 2003

Dear Judge John McBryde,

I have been following your judicial behavior and treatment of an unconvicted political prisoner, Mr. Dick Simkanin. I want you to know that I pray that you will come to realize that we are supposed to be on the same team, under the same laws, under the same constitution. Unfortunately, your treatment of Mr. Simkanin seems harsh, most unusual, most prejudiced. In fact, so far, it would appear that the government attorneys and you, Judge McBryde, have some ulterior and villainous motives going on here.

I pray that you will come to your senses, seek your heart for truth. It is time for the IRS to prove their case. It is time to show your fellow Americans that you are willing to see to Mr. Simkanin’s due process rights, allow his proper defense and make the plaintiff prove their case and that you will settle for nothing less. That you will not allow a perverted version of justice to happen to Mr. Simkanin.

We The People ask, in fact demand that you adhere to your oath of office and uphold the U.S. Constitution. We The People will settle for nothing less.

Now, whether you give a damn about this letter or not is of little consequence, however, I think it is fair that you know that there are hundreds of thousands of us across America watching this case. We know that it is unlikely that the mass media will promote the truth in this matter but we will be camping on their doorsteps until they listen and provide the truth! Be aware that we will be camping on the courthouse steps and in your courtroom. We will be filling the internet witht the facts in this case once again. We are strong, we are pissed, we are organized, we are watching and we are ready to take action to uncover and further reveal the unscrupulous and clandestine tyranny that we face. If we need to add your name to the list of unfavorable judges in the land so be it. If we need to see to your absolute dismissal from the bench, so be it.

By the way, if you have bothered to seek the facts in this case – and I’m sure you must have, then you know that Mr. Simkanin is innocent and the IRS is wrong in this matter because they have yet to enter into the record the exact statutes that Mr. Simkanin is accused of breaking.


Jim Paulson
Minneapolis, Minnesota