War Against Federal Tyranny And The Misapplication of Income Tax

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

I am all for Larken's mini CD
as a matter of fact, I just placed a preorder. But I do have some reservations as follows. In talking to the general public, friends, family, etc. about the income tax truths, one of the most prevalent concerns of these folks is: How will the government operate without our tax dollars? How would we provide for an adequate defense, schools and roads? And a dozen questions like it.

Do you see the same problem here that I do?

It may not matter how many mini CDs we distribute if the common, everyday Joe has these doubts. It may be in response to cover their fear of the IRS. On the other hand, unless you are taught the truths about our whole system of taxation. You wouldn't learn it by watching the nightly news or reading the newspaper.

There are so many indirect taxes that we pay that the list is easily longer than your arm if you used a mere Arial 10 font! But THIS fact is what people don't seem to realize or maybe they just forget. And that is what we need to educate/remind them of. The average guy has NO idea how much money the government sucks up each year and then heap on top of that the Subtitle A income taxes. The income tax dollars that are "volunteered" by a hundred million Americans each year could be shown to be not much more than the congressional mad money, spending spree fund, pay-off-the-squeaky-wheel-political-groups-in-cash-to-get-me-back-into-office-and-assure-me-of-a-nice-cushy-retirement fund.

So unless Larken's new mini CD contains these pieces to the puzzle to quell average American Joe's fears, it will be difficult to make the Larken Rose mini-CD a blazing success. Without answering these fundamental questions, peoples' doubts may rise up quickly and few will take any action at all.

Teach them the truth, the whole truth, the whole story!

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