War Against Federal Tyranny And The Misapplication of Income Tax

We The People, fighting to return America to rule of law under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. "...That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..." --- Declaration of Independence "Tell me when did liberty ever exist when the sword and the purse were given up?" --Patrick Henry

Saturday, July 17, 2004

The federal government needs to clean up
its own dog shit before peering into your yard or mine!
In this investigative report by the WJLA news, you will find a list of the federal workers, employees, officers, etc. that are - go figure - delinquent on their federal income taxes. Now for anyone who is paying attention, this surely can't come as a surprise. AND THEY WANT TO COME AFTER YOU!!!! Doesn't this simply but effectively indicate the absolute arrogance of this increasingly criminal, fradulent, "good ol' boy" body politick?
Below is a microsample of dog piles found in the "federal" backyard:
Dept of Homeland Security - workforce of 156,611 - deliquent [legitimate] taxpayers 5,982 totalling $40,278,981. Yep that's 4o million bucks!
Dept. of the Treasury - workforce of 110,366 - delinquent [legitimate] taxpayers 1,806 totalling $7,906,449.
Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors - workforce of 1,787 - delinquent [legitimate] taxpayers 74 totalling $765,980.
Executive Office of the President - workforce of 1,701 - delinquent [legitimate] taxpayers 46 totalling $588,297.
U.S. Postal Service - workforce of 787,818 - delinquent [legitimate] taxpayers 32,269 totalling $201,591,423. Yep 2oo million!
U.S. House of Representatives - workforce of 11327 - delinquent [legitimate] taxpayers 419 totalling $5,812,324.
U.S. Senate - workforce of 6,681 - delinquent [legitimate] taxpayers 228 totalling $1,997,777.
I don't mean to suggest in any way that all government workers, elected officials or officers and most particularly the workers for the IRS or DOJ are criminal, fraudulent, immoral. To do so would be naive. The majority, I suspect are just like you and me. More than likely the majority are good workers, good people who want to do a good job in their individual capacities. But  unfortunately, who may have been mistrained or misled by others or by a machination that as a whole is fraught with fraudulent information, procedures, etc. At any rate, these folks are led down the path of administrative, commercial law and led away from the organic common law of the Constitution. They in fact, are the naive today. They know not what they [really] do.
How long is the fuse that burns towards the bomb of the 2nd major adjustment to the behavior of our governmental bodies? Who knows. I certainly don't. But long enough, I hope that this unscrupulous government by committee, administrative commercial law, freedom and unalienable rights depriving bullshit ends BEFORE the explosion of the next blood letting revolution commences.