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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Judge Rules Against Badnarik Campaign

After filing suit against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) seeking to allow Michael Badnarik to be a part of the presidential debates, the judge in the matter ruled against Badnarik. Boy THAT'S a big surprise!

Everyone should know if they don't already that the "two party system" is absolutely by design so as to keep tabs on the election and political process. There was almost a mistake in the last election as we know. Isn't an amazing coincidence that the problem state, the state with tainted or questionable voting procedures and results just so happened to be Florida where G Dubya's little brother rules? Who's kidding who?

I believe that Gore was NOT the right person to be the president and him winning the election would've been a mistake and so the correction at any cost was made. Gore was not the wolf who would start wars, perhaps terrorize his own country, invade a country unprovoked but G Dubya was-is.

To further the "restraint of the people" agenda, war and terroristic acts are needed to scare the hell out of everyone so that there will be little debate about nor little truth told about the REAL reason for the Patriot Acts. The general public just doesn't get it! They have no clue that THEIR rights are being taken away from them not just some undetermined, potential, could-happen-maybe terrorist looking folks. They have little or no clue about the slow burning but absolute destruction of the Constitution on our collision course with total tyranny.

And another thing.... Does it seem odd that there hasn't been one terroristic event in America since 9/11 despite our wide open borders? Does it seem odd that after more than two years, the Dept. of Homeland Security hasn't seen to the restriction of access into our homeland via our borders? Do we really believe that U.S. intelligence agencies that couldn't see 9/11 coming could suddenly turn 180 degrees and smash even the best hidden terrorist cells assuring that no terror events have occurred here since? Who's kidding who? But that's just my opinion.

Now all this war and stuff against terror (or maybe more accurately - to continue to play us as fools), brings the need for a hefty bankroll. The Federal Reserve will bankroll the U.S. government agenda but NOT without collateral. And that would be the taxpayer (individual and business) base. With the HUGE amounts of money being thrown up for grabs by the unbid military contracts for the ongoing wars on top of the bloated budgets promising nearly every Congressperson money to bring home, is it ANY wonder that those in the Tax Honesty Movement are in a virtual fight for their lives? The government regime simply can't afford NOT to extort as much as possible from each of us without [yet] causing the next revolution!

I don't believe for a moment that I'm the only guy that sees our fast approaching total tyranny society but not enough Americans do yet and so the status quo will sustain. In my view, the only hope for America is to get on the throttle hard and push the Libertarian party and ticket into the light where many more people will get a chance to see who the LP represents...... and that is We The People!

Below is part of a thread from the Michael Badnarik Blog today. These comments come after the judge ruled against Badnarik in Arizona today. He makes a powerful point! He says:

"Libertarians need to start BOYCOTTING the companies that sponsor the CPD. The rule of law may not be respected by politicians, but I’m sure they’ll respect the law of money!"

American Airlines
America’s Charities
Anheuser-Busch Companies
The Howard G. Buffett Foundation
Sheldon S. Cohen - Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP
Continental Airlines
Discovery Channel
JetBlue Airways
The Kovler Fund

Source: http://www.debates.org/pages/natspons.html

I'm all for that!