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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Last Gun Shop in Minneapolis

A little over a week ago, I talked about a gun shop owner who was in a fight for the very existence of his lawful business and ultimately his right to work and earn a living. Well, as of July 8, 2005, Mark Kolscielski is no longer allowed to sell any guns or ammo from his store OR via the internet according to the City of Minneapolis. (I'm not sure HOW the city figures they control the internet in any way. In fact I could find NO stats that show that even the fed authorizes, regulates or criminalizes firearm sales via the internet and especially sales by a federally licensed dealer!) The city has just decided that Mark and his gun shop have to go. There are NO other legitimate sites that Mark can move his store to in Minneapolis either. Why should he have to move out of the city he lives in just to be able to conduct a lawful business?

Now here is the cruel joke -- the pathetic facts about all of this. You and I, as Citizens, can buy and sell guns at will in the city. As private parties, we don't need to do background checks nor do we need to know each other or even record the transaction. The clear fact is, that gun sales WILL CONTINUE in the City of Minneapolis anyway! BUT if you are a licensed gun dealer, with over 35 years of firearms experience, can train others in gun safety, do everything lawfully and by "the book" -- well -- you are not welcome with your kind of business in Minneapolis. Oh and sales tax for the state AND the city? It doesn't happen either.

Can it really get anymore vindictive and yet any less rational than that? I hope you will support Mark in ANY WAY that you can. By sending him a cash donation of any size for his legal defense, by talking among your family and peers about the Save The Gun Shop website, by praying for a successful appeal to stop this abuse by city tyrants.

We always hear that we should stick up for and help the little guy. Well, here is a legitimate little business that "officials" have decided to zone out of the city. I know Mark and I can say that he's a good guy, a disabled veteran with a lot of grit and a big heart who just wants his job and his life back. He needs our help - your help - my help. Let's give it to him because I'm confident that Mark would do the same for you if this WAS you in your city that needed the help.