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Monday, August 01, 2005

Texas Liberty Jamboree - September 3rd

WTP State Coordinator for Texas Henry Goltz reports in to announce a Texas style liberty jamboree.....

Date: August 1, 2005

Subject: The Texas Liberty Jamboree - 2005

Dear Friend of Liberty,

This note is being sent to you as an announcement of our forthcoming Texas
Liberty Jamboree. The TxLJ is scheduled for Saturday, September 3, 2005.
It is the start of the Labor Day weekend. And, it will be held in San
Antonio -The Alamo city.

In addition to the fabulous Jamboree, San Antonio offers great visitor
attractions such as The Alamo, the Riverwalk, the Mission Trail, malls for
shopping, Six Flags Fiesta Texas Amusement Park, Sea World and outstanding
Tex-Mex food. Come to San Antonio, and stay for the weekend. Details for
the Jamboree can be found on our web site: www.TxLJ.us. Try it now; it has
just been updated with new program information.

The Jamboree will be held at the Raymond Russell Park, Pavilion #2 from
10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. While there are no restaurants, in walking
distance, we do plan to provide made-to-order barbecue for a nominal
donation. Alternatively, you may want to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the
outdoors. Beer and wine is permitted in the park after 12:00 noon; please
do not bring glass containers. If you have one, you may want to bring a
comfortable lawn chair. A nearby playground is available for the young

Visit our web site, and send us an e-mail message confirming your plans to
attend. We will have entertainment and liberty-related exhibitors'
booths/tables You may have a table to use for a $20.00 donation to cover
our costs. If you are interested in being an exhibitor please let us know.
If you care to help out with the Jamboree logistics on that day, please let
us know that as well, and what you prefer to do. You can message us from
our web site or at info@TxLJ.us.

So, mark your calendar - September 3 - only 1 month away, and ask your
friends and family to join with you at this 2nd Annual Texas Liberty
Jamboree. We would certainly appreciate: 1) your efforts to publicize the
Jamboree and distribute this announcement to your e-mail contacts and lists,
and 2) any financial support you can provide.

Yours in Liberty,

Hank Goltz

Texas Liberty Jamboree