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Saturday, July 23, 2005

You Want Me To Join Your Group Too?

About a month or so ago, I was asked to go to another meeting which took place just the other night. One that is based on the use of common law. I said to myself, "Cool! That sounds like a good thing to go check out". About the same time as I received notice of the meeting, I received an email asking my to join a coalition that hopes to attract political fragments, bits and pieces of any and all third parties in American and draw them all together. The goal there - to make a strong, viable third party that can contend with the other two major parties. My immediate thoughts were, "Aren't the several thousand groups we now have throughout the land enough? Do we need yet another one to pull all of the former together as one? Or do we simply need to stop with our own personal political goals for a moment, pick out the one or two groups/coalitions that make the most sense for our common good and work hard among them. See them through to fruition.

Hmmmm, interesting prospect.

I haven't decided on joining the coalition - for some reason it just doesn't seem quite right for me - yet. It's not that it is wrong or that it's a bad idea or anything like that - but rather - I don't see the advantage right now - based on what I know about the human spirit [NO! I am not any kind of expert in the field - just my gut feeling is all]. But I did attend the local meeting the other night, The Minnesota Common Law Venue, about the use of common law; I found it interesting on two fronts. First, the subject matter that was discussed and second, the human nature that showed itself there and reaffrmed for me our major problem. Allow me explain what I mean.

Toward the end of the meeting, after a "lesson" that talked about income taxes, common law tactics to use in court, judicial abuses, etc., the meeting was opened up for questions and comments. So, hearing what I did about the damned court system, I raised my hand and asked everyone if they had heard of J.A.I.L. For Judges. (A few had including the guest speaker of the evening but most hadn't.) The erstwhile speaker replied, "But, well, who's the guy that heads that up?" I answered, "Nationally, it is Ron Branson". And the speaker said, "Oh yah, that's right. You know he's known, I mean, people say he's hard to get along with." I said, "Could be - I've met him, talked with him, emailed back and forth with him, I have never had that feeling - he certainly is focused and committed - but I really don't know".

Quickly, the discussion veered off and died. While I did manage to get my point across privately among individuals after the meeting, I never did get to inform the unknowing; to verbalize publicly the need to focus in on the importance of South Dakota Judicial Accountability at the meeting that night - the urgency that it brings and the attention this infant of J.A.I.L. so desperately requires of ALL of us.

That doesn't mean that other movements and happenings around the country are of less value, however. There are plenty of good movements chipping away at the heavy onslaught of progressive tyranny - and - in many ways. The reality is, some groups grow quicker than others and each group, if committed enough, will have its time to shine and forge ahead. For South Dakota Judicial Accountability that time is NOW! It DOES mean that the reality of striking with a hot poker, the tough flank of the judicial bodies (county, state and federal), to be forever accountable for individual and collective abuses against the citizenry is HERE! It is REAL! It is NOW! And it will be a serious stab wound to the torso of tyranny - one way or the other.

It DOES mean, in my view, that we are so close to slamming one of many doors (but one of only a very few large doors) in the face of tyranny - that it deserves our UNDIVIDED attention - NOW! We can resume our regular patriot and other viable activities later when we have nailed this door shut and sealed it off for all time.

By the way, who gives a damn if you like or dislike Ron Branson? He has a brilliant idea whose time has come. Are you and I so shortsighted as to not see the value of the prospect of J.A.I.L. For Judges because, well, at one time or other, Ron Branson said or did something we didn't like? Good grief! Are we of mice or men?

The conversation at the Minnesota Common Law Venue meeting carried on awhile longer - but for the purposes of this article, let me just say that while I sat there in the waning moments of it - it hit me! Eureka! I found it! BINGO! That is, I found a main reason why, in my view, we are struggling to make any significant advances into the general population. (So soon old so late smart for me - I guess.) Whether it be in the tax honesty movement, liberty and patriot movement or seeking to advance general knowledge (or doubts) about such things as Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, 9/11 and now the London bombings, et al.

It can be a difficult task to try to explain your [my, our] view (hopefully, a non-major-media-educated view) of such things to someone who may be mostly uninformed or who is major-media-output-educated, generally. And, if you start to succeed in penetrating the walls of their belief systems, you are literally beginning to take away their sense of security in their lives, in "...all things good in, of and for America". And if there aren't many of you in your group, well, just how smart can you be one might ask. Now imagine, there are thousands of small groups all over America working separately, under separate membership, some known well and some remain in obscurity. All trying to inform a few family members, friends, neighbors, etc, about their plight and cure for it. And, while I applaud each and everyone for their efforts, how do we propose to get anything of substance accomplished on a grand scale? Focus people.

Simply put, I see opinions that won't quiet and won't allow other views. I see opinionators who serve up vanity (and/or are intolerance of other people and others ideas), with a big helping of narrow mindedness and a tall glass of stubbornness to wash it all down. In my most humble opinion, in spite of what we may try to do to be the best persons we can be under God, at the most primitive gut level of our being, we are self centered, survivalists. "Survival of the fittest?" "When push comes to shove...."? "You're first right after me."? It doesn't make us bad creatures, in fact, if we never had exhibited this behavior, we simply couldn't have survived this planet.

But I believe, individually, we may go to see and hear this group or that, precisely to see and hear and only that which we WANT to see and hear. Notwithstanding facts at times. It may be an attempt to find someone who will listen to our story of woe and offer us solace and empathy and perhaps give us something to hold onto and stand for - if we're in need. It is the nature of us to want to belong, mostly. And when it comes to survival, I think it wise to watch others, listen to others ideas, learn from others experiences but at all costs, ACT AS ONE when in times of war!

Can you agree with the fact - that in battle, sometimes soldiers of the same army don't agree with one another? Just like in any other circumstances of discord really. Yet, they find a way to tolerate one another because their success and survival depends on it! So what the hell is the difference between an army in battle on a killing field and those of us who see the enemy from within and coalesce to fight it off? (And I don't mean flying bullets and schrapnel!) As I see it - nothing. We may not like all of the apparent leaders and troops among us but we need to find a way to pull together, quickly define - in some length - our common goals, put away our differences most of which, in my humble observation, stem from pettiness, selfishness or pure ego anyway. We are all subject to human shortcomings of that ilk but we must find a way to work as one for our common good.

Sometimes, we just need to agree to disagree concerning some things. Sometimes we just need to disagree with personalities different from our own - perhaps about finite details of a strategy or what have you but we can't afford to lose sight of the battle in the war now before us. We must fight each battle (like South Dakota
Judicial Accountability
initiative) with all the vigor and resources we can bring individually but together as one army.

NOW would be a good time for each of us to stop throwing jabs and hooks at each other, throw our strongly held, but often weak prejudices aside and work together as "We The People"; once again begin seizing political control and security of our country, preserving our constitutional republic, resurrecting her to her former greatness and forging ahead creating a phenomena of human existence that no one has ever experienced. As surely as we live and breath, we can make this happen if we put our need to control and be "right" aside, our prejudices to rest and work for the benefit of all of us AND our posterity. Case in point, a friend of mine, Mark Koscielski is running a campaign for mayor of Minneapolis - a daunting task for any outsider and independent candidate. And yet, he is still taking the time to see if he can round folks up from South Dakota to participate in the petition for South Dakota Judicial Accountability initiative. Now THAT is a hard working patriot! I commend his additional efforts and support him 110% though he may not know that yet. You see, all good things happen in their rightful time.

There will be a proper time for all of the other hard working groups to shine. And, there will be plenty of time to commend, decorate and shake the hands of the foot soldiers, officers, leaders and giants among us AFTER we accomplish the incredible but doable task at hand - that is - resecuring our individual and united freedom. Seeing to it that the South Dakota Judicial Accountability initiative succeeds! We can go back to hating our neighbor afterward, if we must!

Please, get involved anyway you can NOW! For more information and to see what you too can do to help go to South Dakota Judicial Accountability

By the way, for the record, I will attend other Common Law Venue meetings and I will probably join the coalition I mentioned earlier - just not right now. IT'S South Dakota Judicial Accountability or BUST, BABY!