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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Searches unlikely on transit rails

By Fred Bayles, USA TODAY

A ride on the Boston subway could get you searched by transit police worried about terrorism, but don't expect random searches on trains to become routine in other cities across the USA.

A question comes to mind and it is this: How does any government or police body intend to do random unwarranted searches without denying a person his/her constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment or corresponding amendment in your local state constitution? And why the hell should we tolerate it?

Many may protest that no matter how unfortunate such searches are to a person's inalienable rights, we have an entire nation to secure and protect. We may have to give up some rights to get that done. We may have to grin and bear it. We may not like it but what else are we to do?

To those folks I reply: BS! If I am doing nothing wrong, a random search of me or my effects while letting you and others pass is NOT acceptable. It's time to stop the "it's in the name of fighting terrorism" mantra. It is time for government body officials, officers and employees to remember and obey their oaths and leave us who have done nothing wrong - alone - to live our lives unstalked. MY un a lien able rights are NOT for sale, not lienable and not subject to arbitrary dismissal without my prior approval, a court order or qualifying search warrant. Anything short of this is unacceptable and when it occurs, should anger EVERYONE. And I will do whatever it takes to secure my rights and bring to judgement anyone who makes the choice to deny me my rights. You should too. PERIOD!

The "Patriot" Act has given law enforcement agencies much power to deny us our rights and it may be hard or impossible to get a conviction against a cop who performs an illegal search on your person or effects or an otherwise illegal seizure of your property in whatever form. While most believe it is unlikely that random unwarranted searches will happen often, if at all, in the USA, it is still chilling to me to think that it could happen to any one of us - unconstitutionally.

We have allowed this runaway, rogue government and ignorant congress (for the most part) to continue to exist and to slice, dice and shred our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights into unrecognizable fragments. Fragments that once represented the greatest social experiment known to man. We have lost it! When are we going to figure it out?

And Now, The Important Pitch(es)......

I urge everyone to write and phone their senators and representative and tell them that they MUST allow all sunsetable provisions of the "Patriot" Act to expire at the end of 2005 regardless of the pressure that Bush and company may exert on them. Further, we MUST tell our members of congress by email and phone to remove ANY AND ALL provisions that could/would deny ANYONE their un a lien able rights! If the various enforcement agencies want to share information about known illegal immigrants, visas, etc. fine. But to deny ANY American ANY right is insane and unacceptable. There can be no middle ground! Just say NO to tyranny in its many forms.

I also urge EVERYONE who knows ANYONE in South Dakota to inform them about the J.A.I.L for Judges initiative now being petitioned for in that state. It has received the approval of the SD Sec of State and a petition of about 40,000 names is needed to get this important issue on the 2006 ballot.

We need to see this history making event through. You all can help by: (A) helping to contact and otherwise finding South Dakotans to sign the petition, (B)reading and understanding how it works yourself so that you can be informed and thoroughly understand it's importance and (C) sending a few bucks their way so they can continue to fight the good fight. Yes unfortunately, all important initiatives take some money to get them passed. And please understand that this is a HUGE battle we are fighting!

Just imagine for a moment: Judge McBride in the Simkanin case (to name just one) is subpoenaed by a special grand jury (made up of "we the people") and held accountable for his judicial activism and absolute violation of Dick Simkanin's rights. You can bet that after a few cases of judges being fined, jailed, disbarred - the blatant unscrupulous and fraudulent behavior that many judges exhibit will stop and most importantly "We The People" will have our court system back!

Just imagine if a special federal grand jury could call up the 5 united States supreme Court justices to answer for their communistic decision in Kelo v New London. And they could be properly held accountable to the people and sentenced accordingly. Such blatant acts against the very constitution they swore to uphold would not likely happen.

You can find their website at South Dakota Judicial Accountability Please visit it, learn about it and help any way you can. Thank you and God bless you.