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Thursday, November 09, 2006

South Dakota's Amendment E Victim of Fraud?

Something is fishy, very fishy about Election Night in South Dakota

While most voting seems to have gone unaffected by fraud this election season, there is one peculiarity that I just cannot figure out. That is the vote on the Judicial Accountability Amendment known as Amendment E. It isn't a big deal that it lost - IF - it lost by legitimate electorate process. That would just mean that the good people of South Dakota just aren't ready for a judicial system that is directly accountable to them when judges are guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance. That's what our election system is supposed to do - sort out issues by casting a fair ballot.

It seems though that something is amiss with the Amendment E results and here is why I say that:

  1. A poll done by the opposition earlier this year showed 67% FOR 33% AGAINST
  2. A poll done by South Dakota Judicial Accountability September 20th by Zogby International showed 67% FOR 20% AGAINST
  3. I was told by a "No on E" member that their latest poll showed 42% FOR 52% AGAINST
  4. A poll done by KELO TV in Sioux Falls on November 4th just 4 days before the election showed 51% FOR 41% AGAINST 9% UNDECIDED See KELO Poll

On election night, not only for a little while but all night long the results showed a consistent 10% FOR 90% AGAINST! Is a reasonable person to believe that mysteriously on election night, just 3 days after the last poll was cast that the tables shifted by 30-40%? No logical conclusion from the pre-election evidence of the public will could bring you to the numbers that actually turned up. Not even by the opposition's own polling results.

And finally, how does one practically account for the fact that 46,800 able and willing people signed the petitions to get Amendment E on the ballot and the election results show that only 22,374 voted in favor of it! Some may argue that they were lied to about the amendment but I know for a fact that is simply not true.

The executive director of the South Dakota Bar Association said that the very mention of election fraud is an insult to the people of South Dakota. Well now, that will surely be true, Mr. Barnett, if provably there was election fraud.

Stay tuned for more investigation into this implausible election outcome.