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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Turning Depression Into Violence

Sometimes little Johnny's a ball of energy and can't sit still in class. What should we do? Give him a drug! But sometimes little Johnny is depressed. What should we do? Give him a drug! Why would we bother to check out little Johnny's diet and home environment for possible organic causes for his "wild" behavior or his anxiety or depression? It's way easier to prescribe and give him a drug!

When will we learn to start looking for causes for dysfunctional behavior starting with diet and environment instead of relying on a doctor (whose modern-day job it sometimes appears to be) to drug the children down -- not cure them? Let's feed our children right and clean up their home environment of potentially harmful chemicals FIRST and reexamine their behavior before blindly feeding them drugs. Maybe, just maybe, if we had done these simple and easy things for the kids in the video, some of them would alive and well today.

I believe it is time to demand that the drug companies UNMISTAKENLY PROVE the safety of their drugs before we allow them to put them on the market and talk the doctors into prescribing them. We must create laws which include stiff fines and imprisonment if the drug companies lie about the side effects. And life in prison for all of the drug company executives if someone dies or kills as a result of the side effects. I bet we would see other safer methods to cure our children of these maladies then.

We don't need the FDA to help. We know how to try, convict and hang or imprison those found guilty of these grievous crimes against our young people.

HERE is a song by radio talk show cohost, musician, songwriter and video producer, Dave von Kleist, that says it all about drugging our kids. If you like it, you can get Dave's "Forever Vigilant" CD here.