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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Real Reason Behind Licensing Illegal Aliens?
I came upon this article in WND today about issuing illegal aliens drivers licenses. The licensing of illegal aliens so that they may drive "legally" has been a practice in several states for some time. Does anyone else see a sort of oxymoron here?

I've tried doing a little exercise in common sense and logic with this subject before but all I got was frustrated. The way my pea brain processes this is like so: - (1) If you look at the REAL reasons this is allowed to happen it is (A) to further a socialist agenda, (B) to improve state revenues, (C) Improve/slant the future of the voting population toward the left and/or socialist side.

My think tank reasons that - there is nothing that an illegal can do legally in this country no matter how meek, how nice, how rich, how famous, how helpful, how useful he/she may be. If they have no documentation providing for and proving their legitimate entry and allowable status - THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY! This would include any children born to illegals while in this country as well in my view. Their illegal entry into and status in the U.S.A. is a primary circumstance. Any other discussion about their activities here is moot! These folks must be rounded up and sent back to their homeland. NO EXCEPTIONS! A strong message MUST be sent to the world at large such as: You may enter this country provided that you do so in a legitimate manner and as prescribed by United States law. NO other way is acceptable! You will be deported as soon as possible if you are found to be here illegally NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be imprisoned (perhaps indefinitely) if you persist in the activity of illegal entry.

A strong message needs to be burned into the minds of our leaders: Now hear this President Bush, Homeland Security Secretary Ridge and Attorney General Ashcroft and others: If you are really interested in America's security and your talk is not just political hype then - (1) Seal our borders NOW (2) STOP any further immigration until you have firm control of it! and (3) Stop the states from abetting illegals in any manner and hold state officials personally responsible for such behavior. (By the way, because your charge is to protect our borders, this is a situation that you can legitimately interfere with the states on!)