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Saturday, November 22, 2003

As You All Know...
Or I Hope You All Know - Dick Simkanin's court case starts on Monday under the guise (or is that diguise) of the federal justice system. This case will be heard by Judge John H. McBryde, a judge of questionable record and past performances resembling (at the least) criminal behavior. The real problem I have with this case is in the venue it is being tried. You see there are two "district courts" in the federal system. Oh yah, these bastards are tricky! And the statute only mentions one class! And wouldn't you know it, they always attempt to try you in the wrong damn court! This case is NO exception! That "district court" which has no jurisdiction in criminal matters outside the 'federal zone', namely the United States District Court. Why? Because the hope is that you and your counsel will not know the difference. In THAT venue, they can make most anything stick and come out their way. Irwin Schiff knew this when he appealed his court injunction. Perhaps that has helped or will help him in his appeal process. I pray that Dick Simkanin and team will enlighten this court and get these facts into the court record. And shoot for getting this case heard in the proper venue. For more specific information on "district courts" read this enlightening article. Knowing this information might save you a lot of trouble some day!

Let us all say a prayer for Dick Simkanin. For those close to Dallas maybe you can attend the trial. Details here