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Saturday, January 03, 2004

It's for sure
I will not be attending the Simkanin trial in Fort Worth on Monday. My finances at this time just will not allow it even if I were to put off as many bills as possible. I would love to be there to meet those that I have had email, phone and blog contact with and to show support for Dick Simkanin in person but it's not to be this time. So, I will continue to investigate, probe, search, learn, share and blog - hopefully - for the good of the tax freedom and constitutional restoration/reformation movements.

I will be in prayerful hope and faith that the truth facts of the matter in Dick Simkanin's case are fully exposed, that he is rightfully acquitted as he should be or found not guilty in any event. THAT WOULD BE ACCURATE JUSTICE OCCURRING FOR ONCE IN THIS CASE!

I hope when time allows you that you take a look at this The Corrupt MDR and see what is happening on the state level to fight for due process. This fight is well financed and the plaintiff says he will not stop until this is resolved fully because God has called him to see it through. Wow!