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Friday, January 09, 2004

Kilroy needed here!
It was painfully apparent early on this week that Dick Simkanin was not going to get anything resembling a fair trial. And he didn't. With the growing press coverages and the swift growing numbers who are finding themselves thoroughly distrusting Uncle Sam and company, it's hard to imagine that Dick Simkanin could lose on appeal and we avoid an all out revolution in this country at the same time. God forbid that either are allowed to happen. The clean up needs to start right now! Bob Graham has helped revive the "Kilroy was here" concept, let us then immediately call for..........

Kilroy v. McBryde and Kilroy v. Jarvis

Now I would never call for anyone's death but I'm not sure that calling for a public flogging of these two for starters wouldn't be appropriate. However, you can count on me calling for the swift death of these bastards' careers! Their lawlessness and the sheer disdain shown for their fellow Americans who do precisely what the laws tell them to do is totally unacceptable.