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Friday, October 22, 2004

Is This Really To Help Voters Decide?

Perhaps you have seen the ads by CompareDecideVote.Com that are now running on TV. Usually right after the news it seems. At any rate, it is a group that oh-so-much wants to help the young voters make a decision on who to vote for in the upcoming election. I found it intriguing so I visited the site to see just what it was all about and really hoping that there would be some substance to the site.

Well upon lighting on the site, it became abundantly clear almost immediately that I was going to witness another tired old set of arguments and comparisons of Bush and Kerry. You can click through the site all you want and the only candidates you will see or read anything about is Bush and Kerry. I was hoping to at least find a line or two about Badnarik, Nader, Peroutka. But that is not to be found.

Being curious by nature, I emailed Lisa at CompareDecideVote.Com, the contact person I found on their contact page to ask: (1) If they were only comparing the two major party candidates, was it possible that they are being funded by one or the other parties or a wealthy PAC and if not, (2) Why don't they include candidates who at the very least are on the ballot in a majority of the 50 states.

I will give you one guess on whether I received any reply or not.

By the way, I did a check to find out who is who with this website and this is what I found:

Lisa Seitz
Skyline Public Works
2010 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063

Just in case you want to email Lisa or send her a letter with your thoughts in this matter.

Well, either way, I wasn't going to vote for either one of those bozos but it sure will be nice the day that someone has the balls to get real and tell the WHOLE story to the American public and allow ALL viable candidates in the presidential debates. I'm not holding my breath because I don't think anything like that will be happening anytime soon. And so, the "good ol' boys club", the "tax and spends", the status quo remains for yet another election.

Are you ready to do some phone work for Badnarik, Peroutka and purchase and post yard signs all over for guys like them and the parties they represent? That's the ONLY way they will have a chance to get elected in the next decade or so. If you want change, may I suggest that we ALL get out from behind the TV and get busy working for it!