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Monday, August 22, 2005

A Gun Shop Owner Responds....

to my concerns from my article on armor piercing ammo and body armor - S.397 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

He says simply, "No Jim you are not crazy: Most of your hunting ammo can go thru level II,IIA,III,IIIA. and some of your ammo can go thru IV too.

So now we know. The question is: Will AG Alberto Gonzales, within two years (and within the Bush regime), try a power move against gun owners by designating all guns and ammo as succinctly described above by my friend Mark Koscielski - illegal arms? Will they then attempt to collect them up?? I for one, sure hope not because that's gonna be ugly.

I want to thank Mark for taking time out of his schedule to respond (and I knew he would!). Besides working his business daily, Mark is also running for mayor of Minneapolis seeking to bring fiscal responsibility and sane operating policies back to our city. He damn sure gets my vote! And I hope that those of you here locally will vote and campaign for him as well! The primary is September 13! PLEASE VOTE!

See Mark's website Mark For Mayor or to contact him to help or send campaign suggestions to MarkForMayor@usa.com Notice he doesn't ask for your money!