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Monday, October 24, 2005

Irwin Schiff et. al. Found Guilty This Afternoon

Las Vegas, Nevada - Long time author, lecturer on the income tax, Irwin Schiff and his codefendants were found guilty today on numerous counts of the original indictment.

Why? Simply because Irwin was NOT allowed to talk about the laws or lack thereof creating an income tax liability - even though he was charged with "Willful failure to file" and other "misdeeds" within Title 26 of USC and when the jury asked to see Cindy Neun's copy of Title 26 and/or a new copy of USC Title 26, the "judge" denied them access to it and further, instructed the jury according to his will - NOT according to fact and the law! This has gotten to be an all-too-familiar event within our wayward "court" system.

Gee,let's see here. You are charged with crimes or civil torts, per USC Title 26 BUT you cannot use the laws within USC Title 26 to defend yourself. Yah that's it - that sounds fair, doesn't it? I gotta believe that Irwin will be vindicated upon appeal. In the meantime, People, IT IS TIME!

People of America, it is time to wake up!

People of America it is time to get behind J.A.I.L. For Judges!

People of America - YOU can become directly (even anonymously) involved TODAY by calling and telling the folks you know in South Dakota about this important legislation and also by simply donating a few bucks to the great and successful efforts in South Dakota RIGHT NOW! See South Dakota Judicial Accountability

YOU can be a part of American history TODAY! With J.A.I.L. we can put this tyrannical, criminal judiciary and government back in its place!

You can think about this all you want but no matter what peaceful solution you come to about solving the Citizen's of America problems with their government, you WILL need the courts at some point! So we MUST start with passing J.A.I.L. in every state and at the federal level FIRST to assure fair and equitable trials no matter the issue before the court! Otherwise, we will all get similar results to Irwin Schiff and scores of others who have been mauled in our current "courts" by criminal and malfeasant judges at all levels of government.

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