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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who Should The New Supreme Be?

Of course it goes without saying and most of you know that I have NO time for Gee Dubya. And as such, I strongly question his motives, morals and ethics at all times. For example, the other day as we all know he selected Harriet Meirs for his supreme court nomination.

Well, after researching her and catching my breath, all I can say is "Get the hell outta town, George! What the hell are you up to now?! I smell a minion of the obsequious kind.

Many have indicated their desire for someone more qualified, more experienced. I surely agree. One name that has surfaced several times is Janice Rogers Brown. Now I try to be objective before I comment so I dug around to find out about her too and came up with this speech that Janice Rogers Brown gave to the The Federalist Society, University of Chicago Law School in April 2000. Please read it and tell me who you want on the supreme court. A Bush minion Meirs or a highly qualified Brown for "We The People"?

If you feel like I do, you will write to and call all of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee quickly telling them to deny a Meir confirmation lest they make a fatal error!