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Thursday, October 13, 2005

What Unmitigated Gall!

Neocon shill Mike Ruppert has stooped about as low as any man can. Much scorned, rejected Mike is now begging for people to quickly send him money so that he can relocate himself from California to Oregon, pay off debt including legal problems, IRS and other whiny reasons.

He greatly embellishes his circumstances with a bunch of other phony stuff. How stupid can this guy be? How stupid does he think we are? He has been tossed out of the 9-11 honesty movement, has lied about peak oil and pretty much just lied about things in general in his writings and productions. Now we are supposed to get our wallets and send this guy money. See his pathetic email here.

Hey Mike, I have an idea for you. Get a job and work like the rest of us to pay your bills!