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Monday, November 13, 2006

If You Act In Self Defense You're Innocent, Right?

A girl and student was attacked by a fellow student also a girl in the high school in Eagan, Minnesota while another student caught the event on a cell phone recording.

As you might imagine, the attacker was suspended from school for fighting. What you may not imagine is that the victim, whom only tried to defend herself was also suspended! This due to a ridiculous "no tolerance" policy on fighting! What?!

I guess now in America or at least in this school with its twisted policy, you are not allowed to act in self defense. A great lesson for your children to learn, right?

If one is getting pummeled by another person, they are not to lash out in a defensive manner or they will be charged right along with their attacker.

The attacker was given a five day vacation (er, um suspension) and the self defending "criminal" was given a one day vacation. Now the victim has a suspension on her record which she didn't have before just for defending herself. But take heart, the school district is starting to back up from their original stance due to the bad publicity no doubt. Only in Amerika could we be so crazily reactive!

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