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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another example of serious Kool Aid drinkers

I recently sent an email to a group calling themselves "Tribute to the Troops" (http://tributetothetroops.org). First I wanted to respond briefly to a tribute to our Minnesota troops in a song recording by Rocky Lynne on their site. And secondly to plant a seed by mentioning to them about the importance of investigating 9/11 further. Now I didn't expect to get an "Oh my God! We'll check that out right away!" type answer. The gentleman who responded didn't disappoint me.

Many of you, including me, have been ridiculed severely publicly and privately about a variety of current political topics, some of which may be: 9/11, war crimes, PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act, Real ID, RFID, NAFTA, NAU, UN, income tax, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. We come to expect a "bashing" while attempting to convey a message. But we cannot stop talking to everyone and to anyone within earshot even if they really don't seem to care and are just trying to be polite! We MUST continue, each of us, to plant the seeds of truth, freedom and individual liberties! But we must also remember not to dump the whole bag of seeds on them, "plant" to deeply or dump the whole watering can on them! Just plant a simple idea, a simple proposition, a simple question in their mind. Maybe like, "Wow, have you heard about the Real ID? Get on the internet and check it out; it's crazy. They want to put an electronic chip in your arm someday that will ID you too! Would you let them put that in you or your kids (grandkids)?" or "Did you hear there is proof of explosives in the WTC towers? How did the terrorists get that in the buildings anyway? Something doesn't seem right does it? I think we need to tell Congress to reinvestigate the whole thing. I mean what if the first one was wrong? What do you think?" These are some of the things I say. Right or wrong. Sometimes I get a good response, even more questions, other times they can't get away from me soon enough!

Whether the seed will grow in a particular garden or not doesn't really matter. Some will acknowledge right away that they are awake and alert, some will, after you plant an idea, wake up and sprout - sometimes even ask more questions. Some will not. Our job should be to keep planting! We can't afford any more time to sit back in disappointment when we run into people who are blinded by the daily barrage of propagandist puke cast upon them by most media outlets today. We cannot afford to be timid at this stage of the game either. We must move on to the next person, the next opportunity.

The email thread below has a severity level of GREEN! It's benign. It is, however, a clear look at yet another sheep who apparently drinks copious amounts of "WIN the war on terror, Bush is great, if we have to give up our liberties to be free so be it" flavored Kool Aid and who has been infused with a media borne, mind numbing, propagandist "flu". I don't say these things to make fun of him. He is not alone; it's a pandemic. He is but one of millions who have become misguided by the hype, in my view. We still have a lot of work to do! A lot of work!

I know many of you will keep talking, keep asking the questions, keep planting the seeds of truth everywhere. In fact, I know many of you are way more active and in the public light way more than I am. I also know we will win this battle for our minds and souls if we keep working. But we don't have a chance at regaining our freedom if we stand on the sidelines and watch others fight. We all must get in the game!

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From: Gregg Schmitt [mailto:gregg@tributetothetroops.org]
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 7:03 AM
To: J Paulson
Subject: Re: Rocky Lynne tribute to our men and women

You are a nut case wacko, please refrain from e-mailing this organization again! Seriously, you need help, please get it soon so you may someday recover from your delusions. Gregg

On Aug 3, 2008, at 6:29 PM, J Paulson wrote:

A beautiful tribute to our troops both surviving and KIA. It is too bad that we cannot get more attention on the facts and evidence and questions about 9/11. Especially building 7 which went down but wasn't hit by a plane. And a building that was admittedly brought down by controlled demolition. They admitted it. How could anyone wire a 47 story building for demolition in a matter of hours? Why is building 7 not mentioned in the 911 Commission Report? That seems odd. What is wrong here?

Please support our troops further by viewing http://ae911truth.org A collection of qualified architects, engineers, physicists and others look at the tragic events of 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming as well as shocking. The American people have a right to know and a duty to call for a new investigation once they do. We believe that when enough people shut of the TV and view the evidence themselves they will know we are now in the Middle East on false pretenses. Please have a look even if it is to prove them wrong after you have applied evidence and common sense to it. Thank you . God Bless.

Jim Paulson