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Friday, October 03, 2008

BAILOUT! The Real Reasons For Passing It

A former CEO reveals the reasons behind the $850 billion bailout. Minnesota Reps. Jim Ramstad (District 3), John Kline (District 2), Keith Ellison (District 5), Betty McCollum (District 4), Jim Oberstar (District 8) voted to allow the rape of your wallets and purses by international thieves! That's right international thieves! Only Michelle Bachmann (District 6), Tim Walz (District 1) and Collin Peterson (District 7) voted to save you from this $850 billion ripoff and reduction of the American people's wealth. Perhaps you know who to vote out now? Of course, Jim Ramstad is retiring anyway. Watch the two videos here and be prepared for a shock. Be prepared to be outraged!

And then there was this threat to Congress........

We suggest that this is all the more reason to support, and we strongly suggest that you demand, passage of the following bills to regain control of Congress and the finances of this nation.

DownSize DC's One Subject At A Time Act

DownSize DC's Read The Bills Act

Rep. Ron Paul's (R-Texas Dist 14) H.R. 2755.

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