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Saturday, October 23, 2004

911 In Plane Site DVD Is Flying High

The video documentary by Dave vonKleist showing amazing evidence surrounding the events on 9/11 is taking the country by storm! I've heard and read reports that some have purchased several copies of this historical DVD and are passing them out all over. This is great! It will be a wonderful time in history if we can continue to uncover corruption, lies, deceit by our governmental bodies and others as fast as we are capable of today.

I have watched it several times now and all I can suggest to you is this: If you haven't seen it yet, get a copy and watch it in it's entirety and then watch it at least one more time. This is a history lesson and a wakeup call like none other you will see in any news report or any school you could attend in America.

Get your copy of 911 In Plane Site here.