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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Meirs Throws In The Towel

I have two brief statements:

First: THANK GOD! Harriet Meirs folded the tent on her nomination!

And Secondly, I believe Bush ought to nominate Janice Rogers Brown. Although some groups denounce her straight up she certainly holds true to the Constitution. The group SaveOurCourts.Org says this about her: "[B]rown's record to date raises serious questions and grave concerns about her persistent and disturbing hostility to affirmative action, civil rights, the rights of people with disabilities, workers' rights, and criminal rights. In addition, Brown has often been the lone justice to dissent on the California Supreme Court, illustrating that her judicial philosophy is outside the mainstream." From my research this means she prefers to follow what the Constitution promotes regardless of previous judicial precedent or how the typically dripping liberal California judiciary system consensus would rule.

Find some of her philosophies and positions here.