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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

A Bittersweet Result
as Dick Simkanin's trial ends up in a mistrial. It's a good thing that the prosecution could not decisively prove its case to the jury BUT it means that Dick is back in prison while he awaits a new trial.

I hope everyone is sending their support to Dick Simkanin by way of letters, donations, etc. as well as supporting Mrs. Simkanin.

The Simkanin trial is all the evidence I need to know that Judge McBride deserves to be impeached for his obvious bias in this case and jailed for his acts of treason past and present.

Joe Banister, too, deserves some justice and due process right NOW! The mockery he is about to enter into is an absolute abomination of our justice system. But then, I guess we are getting used to that BS from our twisted government. I PRAY THAT EVERYONE CONTACTS THEIR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN ABOUT THE SECRECY SURROUNDING JOE BANISTER'S HEARING BEFORE THEY RECESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! PLEASE, DO IT NOW.